Dr Vital Kalumba offers a full range of gynaecological and obstetric services for women of all ages. He specialises in all areas of reproductive health and wellness, including preventative care, diagnosing and treatment of illness, pregnancy and childbirth. He provides you with the information, support and resources you need to maintain the best possible health. Dr Kalumba gives individual attention in a gentle and compassionate manner.

Cesarean Section

This surgical procedure is performed to deliver a baby through an incision in the pregnant mother’s abdomen. Although some cesarean sections are planned ahead of time, most are performed when unexpected problems arise during labor or delivery.


During this procedure, a doctor withdraws amniotic fluid from a pregnant woman’s uterus. This is the fluid that surrounds the developing baby. It contains cells and chemicals related to the baby’s development.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

This treatment involves using synthetic or natural hormones to replace the hormones a woman’s body no longer makes after menopause. Hormones can be given through pills, skin creams or gels, or through patches placed on the skin. Hormones can also be delivered through vaginal creams, rings and tablets.